The Concrete Protector is “The Originator” of the Rustic Concrete Wood system . . . definitely the HOTTEST decorative concrete resurfacing system in the world!! This system provides the timeless look of hardwood floors with the durability of concrete.  Our CEO Joe Quick was recognized in Concrete Construction’s annual Decorative Concrete Project of the Year awards for a project involving simulated wood flooring on a residence project. In 2011 he demonstrated the concrete wood process at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas. We have helped thousands of contractors and do-it-yourselfers learn the Rustic Concrete wood system at our free monthly training.


​- Very Durable & Easy to Maintain
- Indoor / Outdoor Installations
- Unlimited Color Selections
- Waterproof – Not Affected By Floods if Installed in a Basement
- Perfect to be Installed Over Heated Slab Applications.
- Great for People With Big Pets
- Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable