SaniTred Quick Patch

‚ÄčThis material is used predominantly to fill small divots and hairline cracks. Small batches are necessary, as the material will set very fast and can be ground smooth in about 15 minutes!

Winner of 2016 Most Innovative Product Award at WoC!

Protector Flex Joint Fill

A two-component, 100% solids, 100% reactive epoxy that has been formulated to fill joints or saw cuts that flexible even after curing! Joint Fill meets ASTM specification C920, type M, grade P that has approximately 85% elongation and meets all USDA guidelines for use in federal inspected facilities.


The Concrete Protector of Philadelphia is a licensed distributor of FlexKrete; a versatile, high-strength material used across country to repair concrete, asphalt, wood and steel.  Numerous additives can change the characteristics of the material to suite your particular needs.

Prior to coating or applying an overlay, most projects require that the concrete be repaired due to settling and movement, previous construction damage, weathering (such as with the freeze-thaw cycle), and more. We carry an array of special materials designed to address these situations; whether you need your materials to set fast so you can continue your work, stretch to withstand movement, or superior strength to withstand heavy traffic and equipment.